Working in Fragile States:
Lessons for Policy and Practice

launch event


On Wednesday 6th June CDR organised an exciting event at the House of Lords, during which we discussed some of the collection's major themes and how to improve future policy and practice. 

We were joined by Lord Jack McConnell, who contributed to the foreword of the publication, and talked about the importance of the work developed in FCAS and about the macro trends in these contexts. Lord McConnell stressed the importance of thinking global development in fragile states contexts, otherwise ‘the gap is just going to widen over the next years’ and how such requires a longer-term commitment.

The event was chaired by CDR’s Executive Director, Jessica Toale, and the speakers included some of the authors of this publication:

•    James Naughton - Project Manager, Promoting Inclusive Markets in Somalia, DAI
•    Amalia Johnsson - Head of Financial Sector Development, Nathan
•    Andrea Malouf - Head of Consulting, Aktis Strategy

James provided an overview of DAI’s work in Somalia and of the challenges and opportunities that working in FCAS present. His essay, ‘Market-driven cash-for-work programmes show promise in Somalia—and beyond?’, makes the case for integrating resilience into a market-driven approach, and to address the challenge creatively. 

Amalia highlighted the need to create the space for innovation, research, and for adaptive management in FCAS contexts. Nathan’s essay, ‘Expanding financial services in fragile markets’, explores how, while the drivers of fragility such as political conflict, violence, or climate change vary considerably, a common challenge is that of ‘thin’ or missing markets.

Finally, Andrea presented the essay ‘Development unchained: The future of peer-to-peer systems in international development’. Andrea emphasised how innovation requires institutional space that isn’t risk-adverse and how innovating poses a challenge in FCAS settings. 

You can read the full publication here

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