CDR welcomes new Executive Director

We are excited to announce Farooq Ullah as CDR's new Executive Director!

'I’m delighted to take over as Executive Director of CDR. Development is at a crucial moment with greater challenges facing humanity than ever before. At the same time, we have greater ability and responsibility to tackle these issues, therefore, it is vital that the CDR continues to ensure our Members (and the wider sector) are transparent and accountable for our work. We work to ensure that development results which are value for money and sustainable. 

The last two years of CDR have been instrumental in building a solid and unique platform, and now we can build on that legacy and take CDR to the next level. Primarily this will be characterised by providing valuable insights, key information and improved coordination within our sector. Ultimately, CDR's work must provide clear benefits to our Members (and other actors), while also undertaking work that no Member could achieve alone'. 

Farooq is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) and a Director of Stakeholder Forum (SF).

He also holds several non-executive positions. Farooq is an Associate of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), an Associated Partner of the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), and a Peer for the 3rd International Peer Review of the German National Sustainable Development Strategy.

Farooq holds a BComm in Management Science from the University of Alberta (UofA) and an MSc in Public Policy from the London School of Economics (LSE).

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