DFID Digital Strategy 2018 to 2020: doing development in a digital world



On Tuesday, the 23rd Jan, DFID launched a policy paper setting out their vision, objectives and next steps for UK aid in a digital world.


“In a fast-changing world, technology affords us the opportunity to do more as individuals and in collaboration with others. Technology gives us the power to include, the power to reach, to inspire, to communicate, to educate, to change. Digital technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionise the global development system, change lives, transform entire economies, stimulate growth and, ultimately, end reliance on aid”, said International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt.


As the use of mobile phones and internet access rapidly expand in poor countries, they create major opportunities from financial inclusion, to agriculture, health, education, and governance and accountability, for millions of people. The challenge is to make sure that digital innovation is inclusive and serves the Leave No One Behind purpose - “without a focus on access and accessibility, there is a risk that the digital revolution could further exacerbate existing inequalities by making it harder for chronically excluded groups of people to access services”.


As DFID seeks to establish Britain as a global leader in using digital solutions in development programmes and promoting good practice, it commits to helping realise a world where the development benefits of digital technology will be accessible to all: with more widely available internet, and more digital products and services scaled to reach and to empower people at risk of being left behind.


Such aim will require a systematic approach to the way that DFID engages with digital technologies in its development work, and adapts digitally as a government department.


Read the full document here and learn more about the Digital Strategy 2018-2020.

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