Membership information

CDR members are progressively-minded organisations that work in international development and who have the shared aspiration to contribute to the aid and development conversation in the UK. They must have substantive presence in the
UK market
and a commitment to:

  • Improving and demonstrating enhanced transparency, accountability, impact and value for money in their work

  • Working collectively with other member companies to exchange views, develop united policy positions and contribute to research and publications

  • Working in partnership with DfID to improve programme delivery and reach UK aid objectives

  • Enhancing local content and building capacity of SMEs and local organisations
    CDR members benefit from a collective voice and direct access to key influencers and policy makers. CDR works on behalf of members to promote the impact of their work and ensure their issues and concerns are addressed. CDR organizes events for its members which enable them to have a direct impact on the shape of policy and programming.


CDR members should be willing to make contributions towards helping the Centre achieve its aims. This contribution includes work to pull together lessons, best practice and other necessary research, as well as other activities in support of Centre goals. They are also expected to adhere to CDR Code of Conduct arrangements. 

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