Penny Mordaunt's five pledges for the future of UK aid





International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt acknowledges that while most British people are proud of Britain’s international development role, there are many who question UK aid.


“If I want all our citizens to feel pride in our international development, I must also address their doubts. As far as I’m concerned, taxpayers’ money ‘spent well’ won’t cut it. To address their concerns we must show that their money cannot be better spent. So as we begin the New Year, I make five pledges to the British people on how we will do this”, Mordaunt says in a Daily Telegraph article.


Mordaunt’s five pledges will see DFID:

1. Create a bold new Brexit-ready proposition to boost trade and investment with developing countries

2. Increasing focus on helping developing countries stand on their own feet to build sustainable health and education systems that they invest in themselves

3. Cut funding from organisations that do not deliver on targets we set

4. Spend aid directly to tackle the issues that matter most to the British people

5. Find new ways to help other departments make their spend more effective


Read the reproduction of the full article in DFID news.

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