CDR joins the World Humanitarian Day 2018 celebrations

On August 19th, we celebrated World Humanitarian Day and paid tribute to the aid workers at the forefront of global disaster response and to the people affected by crisis across the globe.

Humanitarians behind the headlines: twenty-five years of saving lives

For 25 years, CDR member Crown Agents helped to develop and shape the UK’s global disaster response system, saving lives around the world. 


Since the early 1990s, the Crown Agents humanitarian team responded at speed and at scale to major crises across the globe:


•    Delivering 200,000 tonnes of aid during the 1990s Bosnia crisis 
•    Sourcing and delivering stocks of the 600 items needed to build the first Ebola Treatment Centre within 72 hours of the Ebola outbreak in 2014 
•    Providing shelter to over 100,000 people and clean drinking water to almost 10,000 in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake
•    Delivering 48 tonnes of aid to the Caribbean within four days of Hurricane Irma in 2017


This World Humanitarian Day, hear from the humanitarians behind these responses in their new web interactive marking 25 years of British frontline response, and take a tour around their Ops Room 360°– a virtual experience putting you at the centre of a major response to a crisis unfolding in "K-Land".

Want to know more about how Crown Agents’ humanitarian expertise? Find out more about the work of this CDR member in accelerating self-sufficiency and prosperity across the globe here  

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